April 23rd Kindness Challenge

23RD KINDNESS CHALLENGE: THANK someone that risks their life saving / protecting lives! We are only 4 months into the year, and the USA has already lost 24 firefighters with 8 of those deaths being Texas firefighters. It’s been a tough year for the Texas firefighting community, and today we chose to stop by our local station and thank them for their service. We took thank you cards and cookies, and we were greeted with a warm welcome by the appreciative firemen that were at the station. I picked to go to the station that Jaxon had visited with friends last summer, and I cried a little as I thanked the firemen for being so wonderful to Jaxon. The firemen were so gracious, and I thanked them for giving Jaxon the opportunity to pump the hose and be a little fire fighter. Hallee was less interested in the trucks and all about the kitchen, area they sleep, and the girl areas with some pink in the firehouse spruced up by the female firefighters! This was such a simple way for us to say THANK YOU, and I encourage you to help your child make a card or pay a visit to your local fire station, to another 1st responder, or a service member that sacrifices to protect all of us!

Of course you are always welcome to do your own pay it forward idea! In fact Hallee received the dress she’s wearing in this picture as a gift from someone I don’t know but that read online it was her birthday. How thoughtful of them to make this for her and brighten her day! Another pay it forward we received today is a huge collection of bday cards that Jaxon’s kinder classmates all made for Hallee. I love that they remember Jaxon on the 23rd and put a kindness in action idea into play and dropped them by the house while we were at the firestation! It so nice to know someone is thinking of you, so be that someone and get a card or cards out this week.

When you’ve completed a pay it forward in honor of Jaxon for April, please mark “DONE” in the comments. Thanks for making the world a better place!

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