June 23rd Kindness Challenge

23rd kindness challenge: Pray for someone (without them soliciting your prayers) and let them know you have prayed for them! Prayer is a powerful thing, and it means a lot to know someone is praying for you. All prayer is special, but it’s extremely uplifting to know someone is proactively praying for you versus waiting for you to request prayer and reactively thinking and praying for you. I am certain there are plenty of people in your life that need prayer – maybe for health, financial strain, a relationship struggle, patience in a stressful situation. Think of someone and pray for them, then send them a note, e-mail, text, or call and let them know God has put them on your heart and that you are praying for them. The other day at the post office a complete stranger walked up to me as she left, and told me she was praying while she waited in line for the angels to surround my daughter and me with love and God’s blessings upon us. It made my day to know that God put us on her heart, and I love that even though she knew nothing about us, God took care of the rest. Bless someone with your prayers and thoughtfulness today!

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