Oct 23rd Kindness Challenge

Treat someone that is different than you the same as you!  Last night we had the pleasure of celebrating our daughter’s 4.5 year old birthday by taking her to a San Antonio Spurs game.  She loved getting to meet the coyote, cheer for the Spurs, and eat pink cotton candy.  At half time the Spurs Wheelchair basketball team played which is always great to watch.  My daughter loves Manu Ginobili and after the game, she asked if we could go meet Ginobili now.  We explained you don’t get to meet the players.   We exited the stands with our disappointed daughter and then in the hallway we saw 1 of the Spurs Wheelchair basketball players.  She was so excited telling him he played well and even wanted her picture with him.  Afterwards she hugged the man in the wheelchair just as a child would any character or star, and we headed home.  As we walked away I could see the man and his wife beaming, and I’m pretty sure my 4.5 year old made their night.  Even though the man was different from the Spurs players and moved down the court in a wheelchair versus running, she gave him the same treatment she would have expressed if she had met her favorite Ginobili.  Even though the man was different from our daughter and in a wheelchair, she treated him to the same hug she would have extended even if he were standing next to her.  I love that not only is my 4.5 year old learning lessons on how to treat people that have special needs or look different from us, but she’s taking it to the next level and teaching us!  Today when you see someone that’s different from you for whatever reason, treat them as if they are the same as you, because kindness is a common thread we all should share.

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