Dec 23rd Kindness Challenge

What’s on Jesus’ “Wish List” for Christmas?  An excellent question posed by our pastor.  Spreading kindness / serving others would certainly be on that list.  I love seeing the posts from friends of them participating in project Angel Tree, preparing meals for those in need, giving gifts that come from the heart, etc.  This is the season of giving, but let’s give in a meaningful way to truly impact the lives of others.  What gifts are you giving or have you given this year that Jesus would enjoy unwrapping?

We were thrilled when the adults on Cory’s side of the family decided that instead of exchanging presents, we’d pool our money together to uplift someone else.  Cory’s mom chose to donate the money to Peach’s Neet Feet for children battling life threatening diseases to get custom painted shoes, and instead of us exchanging presents none of us needed, 6 children will have their days brightened as they head off to treatment wearing shoes that bring them a smile.  We’ve already been matched to 3 of these children and are now praying for them on their journey (see pics of the shoes below).  Maybe orphans have a special place in your heart.  Some of our friends leave Jan 1st to go get their son from China’s special needs program and bring him home to join their family.  Orphanages can always use donations to help cover the everyday living cost of caring for these precious souls until they are welcomed into forever families.  A mosquito net could save the life of those in areas saturated with malaria.  Canned goods are always in need at the food bank.  Some elderly in nursing homes haven’t had a visitor in months and would love nothing more than someone coming by with a homemade card and spending a few moments merely recognizing their existence.  If you haven’t found something on Jesus’ “Wish List”, it’s not too late.  Use today to re-focus and find some way to celebrate the birth of our Savior with a gift He’d love unwrapping.  PNF Team Korben PNF Jadyn Skorpanich PNF The Amazing Noah Jones 2 PNF The Amazing Noah Jones

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