Overview of Programs

Courageous Kids$5 covers 1 CD to impact a family: Justin Graves band I Am Couragous CDs with the “Strong and Courageous” battle cry and other uplifting songs.  This CD is not for sale to the public and made specifically for children battling life threatening diseases.  Estimated need 400 CDs a year.

Cure for Kids EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS – Funding for Childhood Cancer Research – Estimated need unlimited!

Escape to FunAny donation amount accepted to help pay for these activities.  Contact us if you are interested in sponsoring an escape to fun outing.

Hope for Hospice$20 covers a bag for a hospice child with a stuffed animal, Captured on Canvas materials, and a CD with uplifting music.  Estimated need for San Antonio: 30 bags a year

Spreading Smiles (and Sunshine Hearts of Austin) – $5 to sponsor a smile bag; $10 to sponsor wall decals; $75 to sponsor inpatient lunch – need is unlimited.

Welcome Gifts for Warriors$30 covers the cost for 1 welcome gift bag filled with blanket, toys, games, movies, CDs, etc and given to children as a welcome gift when they arrive for treatment at the MD Anderson Proton Center.  Estimated need 250 welcome gifts per year.

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