Sunshine Hearts of Austin

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This program falls under our Spreading Smiles Program and was started by Kelsey Hahnel as she herself was battling cancer and couldn’t imagine kids having to endure these same treatments.  Kelsey chose the name Sunshine Hearts of Austin since she wanted to spread sunshine into the dark days of young cancer warriors in the Austin, TX area and fill their hearts with love.  Throughout Kelsey’s cancer battle she was a ray of sunshine that constantly encouraged those around her.  Just like Jaxon’s attitude of “don’t give up; give OUT”, Kelsey spent her spare time during her own treatments paying it forward to children battling cancer in the Houston and Austin areas even making deliveries for children on hospice care.  June 2015, Kelsey took her last breath on Earth and joined Jaxon in Heaven.

Jaxon and Kelsey both had such hearts of gold to be able to see beyond their own circumstances to help others even when battling for their own lives.  Kelsey inspired numerous children as they watched an adult warrior spreading kindness and was a testament to the young fighters to see beauty comes from the heart not the number of hairs on your head.  We will keep Kelsey’s passion of spreading sunshine alive by continuing to bring smiles to kids battling cancer in the Austin area.

If Sunshine Hearts K and Byou’d like to donate specifically to this program to help spread sunshine into the hearts of children in the Austin area, please note “Sunshine Hearts” in the comment section of your online donation or mail a check to P.O. Box 160104, San Antonio, TX  78280 and note “Sunshine Hearts” on the check for the funds to be earmarked for Austin.  E-mail us with any questions at jaxonsfrogfoundation@Sunshine Hearts Kelsey and Kids (2)yahoo.com.



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  1. Farrar Lindner says:

    I cannot tell you how amazing BOTH you ladies are! I’ve had the pleasure of being with Kelsey through her fight and cannot imagine more character or grace from any other person i know. We spent special time together and talked about you and sweet sweet Jaxon. I know he got both his spirit and courage from God and you! I cannot even imagine your pain and empty spot in your life for him but as you are proving- no life lost is in vain. Teach, learn, grow, and love and that life never stops. They live on through each act of kindness and each step forward towards helping all God’s children. I hope I meet you one day. Please let me know how else I can help or volunteer! God bless you over and over again. Jaxon would be SO proud.

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