Hope for Hospice Kids

Hope for Hospice$20 covers a bag for a hospice child with a stuffed animal, Captured on Canvas materials, and a CD with uplifting music.  Estimated need for San Antonio: 30 bags a year

Loving these snuggle buddies

Loving these snuggle buddies

Donations to hospice children from Jaxon's Frog Foundation

Donations to hospice children from Jaxon’s Frog Foundation


When a family is told their child is terminally ill, it can seem to the family that the world has given up on them. This is what makes it so special for a child on hospice care to receive a Hope for Hospice bag, because to the parent it shows people still including your child as an active part of this world! Hospice children usually have more deficits, and they often don’t have the ability to play with traditional toys. Stuffed animals are a huge hit with these precious children since they can enjoy having a soft snuggle buddy against them even when they are no longer able to move. We also include in the bag some canvases and paints along with a “Captured on Canvas” card that gives the families some faith based ideas of handprint and footprint paintings they can make as a family. This gives the families a way to interact with even bed ridden children, and it is a great bonding activity. In the event the child passes away, the canvases are priceless keepsakes.

The last couple months of Jaxon’s life he basically became paralyzed and blind, and the main “toys” he’d ask for were various stuffed animals.  He could no longer push around his cars, color, or play pirates, but he could be cheered by a soft animal snuggling against his face or hands.  When large Beanie Ballz were donated in coordination with our shopping spree for the hospital kids, Jaxon decided we should give them to other children on hospice care.  We sent the animals through hospice nurses, and learned that the animals not only brought smiles to the children’s faces but also gave their nurses a positive way to connect with them.

As Jaxon became confined to his bed, we found painting to be a therapeutic activity we could do together as a family.  We made numerous paintings while Jaxon was on hospice care that no only bonded us in the moment but are now proudly displayed on our walls as we captured his hand and foot prints along with the rest of the families.

It’s our goal to be able to provide a hope for hospice bag for every child that goes onto hospice care in San Antonio.

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