Courageous Kids

Courageous Kids$5 covers 1 CD to impact a family: Justin Graves band I Am Couragous CDs with the “Strong and Courageous” battle cry and other uplifting songs.  This CD is not for sale to the public and made specifically for children battling life threatening diseases.  Estimated need 400 CDs a year.

Click here to listen to part of the “Strong and Courageous” song and imagine the power of these words to a child battling cancer.  Strong and Courageous

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These children endure constant needle sticks, port accessing, laying in MRI machines for multiple hours with no anesthesia, swallowing thousands of pills, nausea beyond comparison, and the list continues.  It’s not a 1 time hospital visit for an acute problem, but a pattern of visits that all encompass difficult things.  If you want to see true bravery, just peek your head into a children’s oncology clinic one day.

However sometimes knowing what’s coming these children need a little extra boost of motivation.  Jaxon became very attached to the song, “Strong and Courageous” by the Justin Graves Band, and he would sing it as his battle cry on the way to clinic to gear himself up for the upcoming events.  This quickly became his favorite song, and the whole CD ministered to our family keeping us uplifted on even the most difficult of days.  Jaxon wanted the other kids to also have this CD, so they could be strong and courageous when they were at the hospital.  We’ve distributed hundreds of CDs to kids with cancer and on hospice care.

It’s our goal to be able to provide I Am Courageous CD with “Strong and Courageous” and other uplifting music with each welcome gift for kids arriving for proton radiation and for kids hospitalized with cancer / blood disorders throughout the year.

To illustrate the difference music can make, we’ve attached this video Jaxon’s little sister performed just 3 weeks after losing her big brother and best friend.  She has adopted his battle cry to be “Strong and Courageous” as you’ll see in this video tribute. Video of Hallee’s Strong and Courageous Tribute to Jaxon


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  1. Charissa Steinruck says:

    I met Jaxons dad at the Ronald McDonald house in Fort Worth in September 2012 when my son was at Cooks diagnosed with Leukemia. Heartbroken to hear about Jaxon’s passing- cannot imagine what that pain is like- praying we never will.
    Was wondering if I could pay for and order a CD for my son. He will continue treatment until at least December 2015.
    Thank you for all you have done to give selflessly to kids going through the cancer nightmare. You are greatly appreciated!!

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