Welcome Gifts for Warriors

Welcome Gifts for Warriors$30 covers the cost for 1 welcome gift bag filled with blanket, toys, games, movies, CDs, etc and given to children as a welcome gift when they arrive for treatment at the MD Anderson Proton CenterEstimated need 250 welcome gifts per year.

Jaxon covered in welcome gifts we assembled for Proton warriors

Jaxon covered in welcome gifts we made for Proton warriors

Welcome Gifts: Fun NEW Blankets with 2 toys attached!

Welcome Gifts: Fun NEW Blankets with 2 toys attached!









There are only 28 proton therapy centers in the world, so almost all the patients have traveled far for treatment.  Several are from out of state and some are from out of country.  Imagine having to pack as much stuff as you can into a suitcase, necessities and toys to entertain your child, to travel to a temporary residence for 6-8 weeks of treatments.  The treatment room is cold, and we provide these children with a fun themed blanket upon arrival to the proton center to bring smiles and warmth throughout their treatments.  We attach toys to their blankets to add to the limited collection they were likely able to bring in their suitcase.  We pray over the blankets for healing for the children that will receive them and attach a note of encouragement.

Jaxon assembled welcome gifts for other kids even as he was going through treatment himself.  He loved picking out fun items to add to the blankets, and his ideas were always perfect since he knew exactly what would help bring a smile to these kids faces.  New blankets can be donated or no-sew blankets are always an extra special touch.  Even the last few weeks of Jaxon’s life, he could no longer see but was still asking to make blankets for the kids and would feel to pull the strips through the holes.

It’s our goal to provide a welcome gift for every warrior that receives treatment at the MD Anderson Proton Center in Houston.

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