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Jaxon's 1st fundraiser

Jaxon’s 1st fundraiser

Jaxon’s F.R.O.G. Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit (donations are tax deductible) formed to continue the ministry started by 5 year old, Jaxon Davis, of making a difference for children fighting childhood cancer.  After battling brain cancer for almost 2 years, Jaxon, left this world at the young age of 5.5 years old and entered the gates of Heaven.  Throughout Jaxon’s treatment he was constantly focused on doing things for the other kids at the hospital.  In between his chemo cycles, we started collecting blankets and toys to assemble over 80 welcome gifts for children as they arrived for treatment at the MD Anderson Proton Center.  Jaxon loved picking out items for “the kids” at the hospital, and this passion continued.

In the spring of 2012 we let Jaxon have some leftover yellow Team Jaxon wristbands from a fundraiser.  He decided to sell them, so he could buy more things for “the kids” at the hospital.  Jaxon sold them at his school, both of his parents workplaces, the dentist, and other miscellaneous spots.  He personally sold and raised over $1,200, and he used it ALL on “the kids”.  Jaxon purchased tons of toys for the hospital, and he even decided to sponsor 9 pairs of custom painted shoes from Peach’s Neet Feet for kids with cancer, because his shoes had brought him such joy.  The Pay It Forward Foundation recognized Jaxon’s big heart of gold, and he became the 3rd inductee into the international Pay It Forward Foundation hall of fame (other inductees are the author of the Pay It Forward novel from which the movie is based and her mother).

Toys for the hospital that Jaxon purchased with funds he raised.

Jaxon with sister, Hallee, with toys for the hospital, purchased with funds he raised through wristband sales.

Jaxon always had the best ideas of ways to bring smiles to the faces of these young cancer warriors since he knew what it was like to be in their shoes.  It was amazing to see Jaxon light up when serving others, and we started asking people to donate funds to Jaxon instead of our family to keep that fire burning in him.  In September 2012, The Sharing & Caring Foundation, Inc organized a fundraising event that raised $12,000 for Jaxon to go on a big shopping spree for other kids.  We provided 4 different hospitals with toys, purchase hundreds of Christian music CDs to uplift the spirits of kids battling cancer, wall decals for patients to decorate their temporary rooms, a dishwasher for a hospital to sanitize toys, several pairs of custom painted shoes, and some electronic entertainment for “the kids”.  A month later Team Jaxon was represented by more than 200 people and raised $10,000 for childhood cancer research at the 2012 CureSearch walk.  Towards the end of Jaxon’s life he gradually became paralyzed and blind, and shopping for the kids was one of the few activities filled him with enough passion to get out of the house.  He’d fight through pain and frustration of his own deteriorating conditions to make sure we were taking care of “the kids” at the hospital.

When Jaxon departed this Earth, he left a piece of him behind in the hearts of all of us that were changed by his ability to look beyond his circumstances and serve others.  A toy drive for kids in the hospital was held at Jaxon’s Celebration of Life and almost $10,000 worth of toys were donated and distributed to 5 hospitals.  Even though Jaxon is no longer with us, his ministry continues through the programs of Jaxon’s F.R.O.G. Foundation which was formed to encourage others to Fully Rely On God in life’s trials and bring smiles to the faces of our youngest heroes battling cancer.  We hope you’ll join us in continuing Jaxon’s work and spreading God’s love!

Toys Jaxon picked for kids at the hospital from money raised at a benefit specifically for him to go on a shopping spree for the kids at the hospitals.

Toys Jaxon picked for kids at the hospital from money raised at a benefit specifically for him to go on a shopping spree for the kids at the hospitals.

Toys collected through the toy drive at Jaxon's Celebration of Life - distributed to 4 hospitals.

Thousands of dollars of toys collected at the toy drive at Jaxon’s Celebration of Life – distributed to 4 hospitals.

Jaxon dropping off pillow pets at his hospital.

Jaxon dropping off pillow pets at his hospital.

The ministry continues...our 1st delivery to the Proton center after Jaxon's passing.

The ministry continues…our 1st delivery to the Proton center after Jaxon’s passing.

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