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Jaxon's Story

Jaxon's life was marked by adversity and courage. Diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor at a tender age, his journey was a testament to unwavering resilience. Despite enduring countless seizures and intense treatments, he maintained a joyful spirit, cherishing moments of normalcy and kindness. In the face of insurmountable odds, he embodied the spirit of giving, offering support to others battling childhood cancer. His remarkable journey came to an end on November 25, 2012, as he smiled in the face of Heaven's embrace. Though earthly healing eluded him, he now resides in a realm of eternal solace. Jaxon's legacy lives on through the ministry of giving to families facing similar challenges.

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"Serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to bring smiles to children battling cancer, support ongoing research to find a cure for our young heroes, and be a light in the darkness to encourage the impacted families to Fully Rely on God."

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In a world of boundless compassion, JFF is an extraordinary organization, that’s been offering solace, hope, and support for over a decade. Annually they serve around 50 hospice kids, an estimated 250 children with cancer / blood disorders through smile bags and special events for the patient families, and the tragically growing number of families that have lost a child to cancer in our community. JFF exemplifies the enduring power of kindness beyond mere numbers.

Spreading Smiles

Your $5 donation can sponsor a smile bag, $10 can support wall decals. The need for spreading smiles is limitless, and your contribution goes a long way in brightening a child's day. Our gift card support and Thanksgiving outreach are also run through this program.

Impact: Varies with around 250 kids receiving smile bags, gift cards based on referral, and around 50 families served through the Thanksgiving program each year.

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Hope for Hospice

A $25 donation covers the cost of a special bag for a hospice child. Each bag contains a comforting stuffed animal, materials for creative expression through art (Captured on Canvas), texture / sensory items, and a QR keepsake linking them to uplifting music. In San Antonio, we estimate a need for approximately 50 of these bags annually.

Impact: 50 hospice children along with the family experiencing the painting and materials together.

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Cure for Kids

Every dollar you contribute makes a difference in funding childhood cancer research. There is an unlimited need for support in this crucial area.

Impact: Better treatment and survival for children currently on treatment trials and future diagnosed children.

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Courageous Kids

A $10 donation sponsors an I Am Courageous stuffed animal lion with a QR keyring that links them to uplifting music by Justin Graves Band.  Their music made such a difference in Jaxon’s journey especially “Strong and Courageous” which is an empowering battle cry.  Our annual need is around 200 lions with keyrings.

Impact: 200 kids and other family members as music is played in the car and throughout their home.

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$50 sponsors 2 activities for a parent that has lost a child to cancer.  These gathering are usually around sensitive times to provide support opportunities to come together such as Bereaved Mother’s Day and Bereaved Father’s Day.

Impact: Continues to grow each year as unfortunately more childhood cancer deaths occur.

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Escape to Fun

We welcome donations of any amount to support our "Escape to Fun" activities or for $100 you can sponsor an entire family to attend. If you're interested in sponsoring an outing that brings joy to children, please reach out to us for more details.

Impact: Around 500 adults / children per year with attendance at each event ranging from 30-50 families.

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Jaxon’s FROG Foundation holds a 501(c)(3) IRS designation, making your generous contributions eligible for tax deductions

Every donation we receive is directed towards our general fund and is allocated to support the program with the most urgent needs. If you have a specific program in mind that you'd like to support with your donation, please feel free to specify it in the "Notes to Seller" box on the right-hand side of the checkout screen. We will ensure that your contribution is earmarked for that particular program.

Your support and flexibility help us make a meaningful impact in the areas that matter most to you. Thank you for your generosity!

We consistently require brand-new items to support our various year-round programs. Given that the children we assist have compromised immune systems, it is crucial that these items are in new condition. If you would like to contribute any of the items listed, you have the option to send them to Jaxon’s F.R.O.G. Foundation at P.O. Box 160104, San Antonio, TX 78280, or you can contact us via email at jaxonsfrogfoundation@gmail.com to arrange delivery.

  • Craft and Art Kits
  • Crayola Window Markers
  • Crayons and Coloring Books
  • Fabric Markers
  • Games (Card, Board, Dice, etc.)
  • Gift Cards for HEB, Uber, and Walmart (Any amount is helpful)
  • Blanket with fun patterns either homemade single layer no-sew or store-bought
  • Playdoh
  • Puzzles (Suitable for toddlers through teens)
  • Wall Decals
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