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Spreading Smiles

Our "Spreading Smiles" program is dedicated to brightening the lives of young warriors facing challenging circumstances. We have a wide range of initiatives all aimed at one goal: bringing smiles to these courageous kids. 


We distribute smile bags filled with fun items to help keep the kids entertained on long hospital days.  Our capsule vending machines in the hospitals take “great patient” tokens and are a hit as the kids look forward to getting their token after finger pokes, port access, and other times the hospital best sees fit.  Wall decals are an easy way to add a personal touch to their hospital rooms and allow inpatient kids to customize their surroundings and make their space more cheerful.


Throughout the year the social workers reach out with grocery gift card requests and in more recent years Uber gift cards have been helpful for the social workers to keep in stock for families without access to a vehicle that need to get to the hospital for treatment.


At Thanksgiving the social workers from the hospitals provide us referrals of which families impacted by childhood cancer could use some extra support.  We deliver Thanksgiving meals to these homes along with pie and craft kits for the occasion.


You can make a difference with a $5 donation to sponsor a smile bag, a $10 donation to sponsor wall decals, $25 donation to sponsor Thanksgiving crafts, or a $50 donation to sponsor a gift card for a family. The need for spreading smiles is boundless, and your support goes a long way in bringing happiness to these brave kids.

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