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In 2017 we sponsored the 1st camp in Texas for families that have lost a child to cancer.  We partnered with Discovery Camps to implement the camp and selected Camp Firefly for this bereavement group. Fireflies are known for shining some of the brightest lights yet having the shortest life span.  How fitting for these precious children that shined brightly their short time on Earth.  Camp Firefly is a weekend getaway for families that have lost a child to cancer to come together and make memories through various activities while building connections with others on the broken road.  After our first camp the families shared the need for a bereavement community where the families can come together for activities to during the year especially around sensitive times.  Jaxon’s FROG Foundation now hosts special outings to remind these families they are not walking alone.  Celebrating Mother’s Day or Father’s Day without the child that gave you that title or launching into a new school year when your child is no longer on Earth to enter a new grade are very triggering times.  Our support has  included Mother’s Day gatherings, Father’s Day at Top Golf, Back to School lunch, and more.  Camp Firefly has continued and is put on by Discovery Camps.  It’s easy to see when people are actively going through treatment and need support, but unfortunately when people are in the deepest valley of grief, there just aren’t many programs in that space.  We are committed to continue to connect families that have lost a child through cancer by building this bereaved community with your financial support to cover activity cost.

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