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Hope for Hospice

A $25 donation covers the cost of a special bag for a hospice child. Each bag contains a blanket, comforting stuffed animal, materials for creative expression through art (Captured on Canvas), and a QR keepsake keyring filled with uplifting music. 


These children are generally limited in mobility and the captured on canvas program materials provides them with canvases, paints, brushes, and a card of examples of handprint and footprint art that we made with Jaxon as ideas for priceless keepsakes.  The stuffed animals can often become positioning pillows or snuggle buddies for these children and textured items such as playdoh, fidget, or sensory toys are perfect for all kids to enjoy even if mobility, vision, or other impairments are in place.  


In San Antonio and Austin area, we estimate a need for approximately 50 of these bags annually.

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