Jaxon's Story

At the age of 3.5, Jaxon began experiencing seizures, leading to an epilepsy diagnosis. An MRI was conducted, revealing a brain tumor. Initially thought to be benign, doctors intended to monitor it, but the seizures remained uncontrollable despite medication. On Jaxon's most challenging day, he endured over 30 seizures, and within three months, he had experienced more than 500. We fervently prayed for God's intervention, questioning why it seemed absent.


The relentless seizures eventually compelled us to opt for brain surgery to remove the tumor. However, the heartbreaking news followed: the pathology results indicated malignancy. It was then that we realized that God's intervention had taken the form of these seizures, guiding us towards the path to eradicate cancer from Jaxon's body.


Jaxon was diagnosed with a highly aggressive type of brain tumor. We were informed that the best chance of success was during the initial treatment, and if the cancer were to return, there would be no cure.  In response, we made the decision to put him on a treatment protocol implemented through 3 of the top 10 pediatric cancer hospitals in the country.  Jaxon had 6 weeks of full brain and spine radiation followed by four months of high-dose chemotherapy.  The treatments were extremely aggressive requiring autologous stem cell transplants after each round.


Shortly after treatment ended, Jaxon’s MRI unveiled a grim reality: two brain tumors, both already as large as the original one, indicating a recurrence of the cancer.  Determined to explore all avenues, we reached out to the top five pediatric cancer hospitals and delved into research on alternative therapies. Unfortunately, the options presented to us were focused on prolonging Jaxon's life rather than offering a cure. Jaxon underwent more radiation therapy and a different chemotherapy protocol. 


After a few months on treatment for the recurred cancer, another MRI revealed that the treatments were ineffective, and the cancer had infiltrated more than half of Jaxon's brain. The doctors, recognizing the dire situation, recommended discontinuing treatment, estimating that Jaxon had only a few weeks to a couple of months left to live. We chose to continue an oral chemotherapy regimen, provided it did not hinder Jaxon's ability to enjoy the time he had left, but Jaxon’s cancer continued to spread.


We embarked on a cross-country journey, a journey that would ultimately become Jaxon's final adventure. Our commitment to Jaxon's happiness led us to visit two very dear friends in another state. This trip turned out to be an incredible blessing, marking the last time Jaxon would walk on his own two legs.

Regrettably, on the final day of our excursion, Jaxon's condition took a severe turn, necessitating an air ambulance to transport him back home. Hospice care was initiated, and medical professionals initially believed that only a matter of days remained. However, we were soon reminded that the number of our days is known only to God. Jaxon's hospice team refrained from predicting a timeframe as we witnessed those days extend into weeks and then months.


As Jaxon's journey neared its end, he gradually lost the ability to move, to see, and eventually to speak. Nonetheless, he found a way to communicate, blinking his eyes. Just 24 hours before he passed away, a smile graced his face and when we asked if he was happy, he responded with a blink of his eyes, saying, "Yes."  The source of his joy was beyond the happiness that comes and goes based on our circumstances. 


On November 25, 2012, Jaxon took his final breath on Earth and drew his first breath in Heaven. His passing was serene, with his parents and sister by his side. His last breath bore a smile, a poignant moment that may have marked the opening of the gates of Heaven for him. While we had fervently prayed for our child's miraculous healing, and though it didn't come on Earth, we find solace in knowing that Jaxon now resides in a place of eternal healing in Heaven.


We are profoundly grateful for the many miracles that graced Jaxon's journey. Until the last three months of his two-year odyssey, he bore no lasting deficits. Even during his treatment, he possessed an incredible spirit, always finding reasons to laugh and smile. There were moments when Jaxon couldn't sit on his own, only to be catching a fish or riding on an inner tube behind a jet ski just a few days later. His vision, at times lost for days, would suddenly return, providing glimpses of wonder. Jaxon's dream was to attend Kindergarten, and in June, his doctors had doubted he'd live to see that day. Miraculously, God granted Jaxon two weeks in Kindergarten, allowing him to experience the joy of homework.


In the last two months of his life, Jaxon spent most of his time at home in his special chair or hospital bed. Yet, two things motivated him to overcome the pain and venture outside: Orange Leaf frozen yogurt and shopping for the children at the hospital. No matter how ill he became, Jaxon never gave up. Instead, he remained focused on giving to others, even in the midst of his own battle. We are deeply grateful for your support as we continue the ministry Jaxon began, sharing his legacy of giving to help other families facing childhood cancer.

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