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Jaxon's F.R.O.G. Foundation is a recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, making donations tax-deductible. Our foundation is dedicated to carrying forward the mission initiated by Jaxon Davis, a remarkable young boy who aspired to make a difference in the lives of children fighting childhood cancer. After a nearly two-year battle with brain cancer, Jaxon left this world at the tender age of 5.5, entering the gates of Heaven.


Throughout Jaxon's challenging treatment journey, he remained steadfastly focused on doing things to brighten the lives of other kids at the hospital. In the intervals between his chemotherapy cycles, we began collecting blankets and toys, assembling over 80 welcome gifts for children arriving at the MD Anderson Proton Center for treatment. Jaxon's passion for selecting items for "the kids" at the hospital was unwavering.


Jaxon consistently devised creative ways to bring smiles to the faces of young cancer warriors because he understood their struggles intimately. Witnessing Jaxon's passion for serving others was truly inspiring, and we began requesting that people donate funds to Jaxon instead of our family to keep his spirit alive. A funding event was put together by a friend and raised $12,000 for Jaxon to embark on a substantial shopping spree for other children. This initiative enabled us to provide toys to four different hospitals, purchase hundreds of Christian music CDs to uplift the spirits of kids battling cancer, supply wall decals for patients to decorate their temporary rooms, acquire a dishwasher for a hospital to sanitize toys, procure several pairs of custom-painted shoes, and provide electronic entertainment for "the kids." A month later, Team Jaxon was represented by more than 200 people and raised $10,000 for childhood cancer research at the 2012 CureSearch walk.


As Jaxon's health deteriorated, and he gradually became paralyzed and blind, shopping for "the kids" remained one of the few activities that ignited his passion enough to leave the house. He would persevere through his own pain and frustration to ensure that we continued to care for "the kids" at the hospital.


When Jaxon departed this Earth, he left an enduring legacy in the hearts of all who were touched by his ability to see beyond his own circumstances and serve others. A toy drive was held in honor of Jaxon at his Celebration of Life, resulting in nearly $10,000 worth of toys being donated and distributed to five hospitals. Although Jaxon is no longer physically with us, his ministry lives on through the programs of Jaxon's F.R.O.G. Foundation. Our foundation was established to inspire others to "Fully Rely On God" during life's trials and to bring smiles to the faces of our youngest heroes battling cancer. From smile bags to sponsoring multiple hospital playrooms and starting a camp for families that have lost a child to cancer, we are actively engaged in making a difference for families impacted by childhood cancer in our community.  We invite you to join us in carrying forward Jaxon's work and spreading God's love.

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Our Mission

Serve as the hands and feet of Jesus to bring smiles to children battling cancer, support ongoing research to find a cure for our young heroes, and be a light in the darkness to encourage the impacted families to Fully Rely on God.

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