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Escape to Fun

Our program is specifically designed to offer children with cancer and kids receiving hospice care a positive outlet where they can simply be kids. Often, parents are faced with the challenging roles of caregivers and financial providers, and while everyone's focus is on the child with cancer, the siblings can feel overlooked. That's why our Escape to Fun program is so vital. It provides opportunities for the entire family to reconnect. 


Whether it's due to financial limitations, a lack of time to plan outings, or the need for a controlled environment to protect a child undergoing chemotherapy with a weakened immune system from germs, our Escape to Fun program removes these burdens for these families. It offers a stress-free way for them to create joyful memories as they come together outside of the hospital setting.  It also gives them an opportunity to connect with other families traveling on this road that truly get the complex path. 


We organize and treat the families to a range of events together such as Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Morgan’s Wonderland, Main Event Entertainment, and even a private fall festival.


We welcome contributions of any amount to support these initiatives. If you're interested in sponsoring an enjoyable outing, please get in touch with us.

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