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Cure for kids

In the United States, an average of 46 children receive a cancer diagnosis each day, and sadly, around 1,800 children lose their lives to this devastating disease every year. Cancer ranks as the leading cause of death from diseases among children. Those who are fortunate enough to survive often face enduring challenges, with two-thirds of survivors grappling with at least one chronic health condition, and one quarter experiencing severe or life-threatening late effects from their treatments. It's evident that research is urgently needed to improve the outcomes for these young patients.


Shockingly, despite the immense need, childhood cancer research receives less than 4% of federal government cancer funding.  Americans actually spend more on Starbucks in 3 days than on childhood cancer research.  Imagine the impact if even just a couple times a month people chose to instead invest those funds to help find a better cure for our children. 


Jaxon’s FROG Foundation has donated towards childhood cancer research groups such as CureSearch and St. Baldrick’s and has been recognized by MD Anderson for our non-profit's contributions of over $50,000 directly toward pediatric brain cancer trials furthering research at MDA.  Join us in our mission to fund a cure for kids and make a meaningful impact on their lives. Together, we can make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer.

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